Beatrix Potter Rabbits Christmas Party The Arrival Fine Art Print

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Beatrix Potter Rabbits Christmas Party Art Print

The Rabbits’ Christmas Party: The Arrival by Beatrix Potter, c 1892. This is the first in Beatrix Potter’s delightful series of exquisite paintings titled The Rabbits’ Christmas Party. The paintings in this series were critically acclaimed and are today considered among MIss Potter’s finest works, if not her finest of all.

Description: Five gentleman rabbits are arriving in their blue top coats (they look like grown-up gentlemen’s versions of a certain naughty young rabbit’s little blue coat, no?) and carrying their proper black bumbershoots. Four walk along the cobblestone door path which has been swept clean, while a fifth trudges through the snow, his white cottontail showing. The lady rabbits who are apparently hosting the party peer through the front window over the white curtains at them, and one can imagine them whispering “they’re here!”

The “thatch” on the roof of the masonry house looks surprisingly and suspiciously like grass, and the viewer if left to guess whether it is new green thatch … or actually grass. I suspect this house might be built into the turf beneath a tree (perhaps a “very large fir tree”) and that it is indeed grass.

As there is nothing overtly suggesting Christmas in the painting other than the title and the snow, this print can be displayed year round if you wish, or at least through the winter months if you like to change your artwork with the seasons.

This print is intended for matting and framing or may be hung as a poster. The white border makes the mounting and matting process easier if you plan on framing it.

The default setting here is for the “basic” paper option. Do try out the other paper options and choose the one which suits your taste and budget. The papers with UV protection will give you a longer lasting print, one you can hand down in the family, and I would certainly recommend this option if you plan to hang the print in a sunny location. I would not choose the canvas option myself, as it is not in keeping with this print (the original being ink and watercolor on paper, not oil on canvas).

About the original work of art: Artist:Beatrix Potter Title: The Rabbits’ Christmas Party: The Arrival Date: c 1892 Medium and substrate: Ink and watercolor highlighted with gouache on paper. Series: First in four-painting series “The Rabbits’ Christmas Party.”

Lovingly prepared for print by a professional graphic artist. This is an ultra-high-resolution file and will print beautifully even at the largest sizes. I have carefully corrected the “haze build up” (the smoke, grease and dust which eventually dulls the orignal artwork) in the manner of an art conservationist (but using digital means and state-of-the-art software) while retaining the charming patina of age (the painting is now well over a century old). I have also carefully removed the stray tiny stain or mark and fly specks here and there, but left the artist’s original pencil marks and tiny ink dots alone, as they are part of the original charm of the painting.