Beatrix Potter Little Rabbit Custom Pink Baby Shower Stickers

Beatrix Potter Little Rabbit Custom Pink Baby Shower Stickers – click image to see in store or buy

Charming custom stickers from our Beatrix Potter Baby Shower Collection in the pink colorway, perfect for sealing invitation envelopes, favor bags and boxes –plus DIY cupcake toppers, party decorations, and whatever you can dream up. So precious for a baby girl.

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Description: A proper little rabbit with a pink ribbon tied in a pretty bow sips tea from a china teacup. On the tile floor in front is the tea set, including teapot, sugar bowl, sugar tongs, milk pitcher and more teacups, tea spoons resting on the saucers. Perhaps there is to be a lovely tea party! Pink border of elegant English chintz.

About the original work of art:
Artist:Beatrix Potter
Date: Probably 1890s.
Medium and substrate: Ink and watercolor on paper.

Although this painting never appeared in any of Beatrix Potter’s books, it is one of her most delightful watercolors and highly finished.